littleBits Education Trade Booth Design

As part of a product launch strategy for the littleBits Code Kit, I designed a trade show booth to premiere the product and the brand as best in class at a technology trade show. I was responsible for the overall design of the booth for a 20’ x 20’ space including floor plan layout, traffic flow, feature inventions, graphics, and build logistics. Featured at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, the Code Kit won Best in Show.

Floor plan layout for the Booth. Materials: SEG Fabric, Amber Maple, Acrylic, Vinyl Finish Schedule: Nevamar Precision White

The booth featured dual towers with strong branding colors offset with maple. Each tower featured products from the Education portfolio as well as a television to demo software. On the right is an LED matrix installation that allows visitors to create their own LED paintings using the LED Matrix. I designed the layout for the matrix as well as managing the electrical required to power it.

Close up of the the LED Matrix installation. Two oscillators were responsible for color shifts across the matrices RGB values. A total of 48 LED matrices were used (or a 3072 x 1536 pixel display).

Mitch Resnick holding a Scratch and littleBits sticker in front of the LED Matrix wall. Resnick is a co-head at the MIT Media Lab and helped develop Scratch, a block-based programming language.

littleBits Droid
Workshop Prototype

For Toy Fair 2017, I designed a POP (point-of-purchase) prototype for littleBits to showcase the new Droid Inventor Kit. Additionally, the prototype was used as pitch to create retail activations where kids could use the workshop to build their own Droid from the Star Wars universe. The concept was received well and was adopted by John Lewis, a high-end department store in the U.K.

The workshop featured a hand-painted bench, an oscilloscope to show R2-D2 sounds featured in the kit, and various engineering and design tools used in the prototyping of the kit.

Materials: MDF, spray paint, 3D prints, various stains & varnishes

Droid Inventor Workshop at John Lewis, Oxford

Selected Layouts for littleBits

Insert for Retail Events Guide