Serial collaborator

Modular Synthesizers
Blasser Touch Circuits 

Crystal Peñalosa is an electronic musician and interdisciplinary designer based in New York. Her work focuses on self-compassion practices while engaging with authenticity and personal safety.

She has released music through Topos Press, painting a future of self-actualization and independence for the CHamoru people, as well as producing self-released music. Recently, she performed at the 52nd Annual Moers Festival in Germany. In 2021, she was an Artist in Residence at Roulette Intermedia, where she developed multimedia performances about her CHamoru ancestry and her relationship to her body. She has performed collaboratively and presented solo works at The New School, MoMA PS1, Roulette, Issue Project Room, and performed internationally at the Moers Festival, the Golden Pudel, and Spektrum.

Crystal currently works with Voluminous Arts, a transgender liberation based project based in Queens, New York. She also works as a Product Lead with the New Jersey Office of Innovation, whose mission is to improve the lives of New Jerseyans by solving public problems differently.

I love snail mail and postcards.
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