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Secret Project Robot, 11/27
Brookyln, NY

Arete Gallery, 12/05
Brookyln, NY

The Glove, 12/06
Brooklyn, NY


VAMP Vintage, 5/19
Oakland, CA

Etiquette, 5/25
Santa Fe, NM

House Show, 5/31
Little Rock, AR

House Show, 6/2
Asheville, NC

Art Rat Studios, 6/5  
Roanoke, VA

Bridge Progressive Arts, 6/6
Charlottesville, VA

Black Iris, 6/7
Richmond, VA

Roulette, 5/13/18
vivification exercises
Duo with Ka Baird

Outpost Artist Resources, 4/19/18
Creative bell ringing labor with Sarah Hennies

Wonders of Nature, 3/31/18
Improvised electronics and voice with Stephen Conover and Matt Mottel “GIGCHAIN”

W0rk series at Outpost Artist Resources, 3/1/18
Improvised electronics and voice with Jim Denley and Joe Hertenstein. Recording available on WFMU

W0rk series at Muchmore’s, 1/24/18
Improvised electronics & voice

Vital Joint, 11/21/17
Solo electronics

Sediment Arts Gallery, 10/6/17
Solo voice & electronics
Remote Poem Call-In Steve Dalachinsky (from Paris)
Cassette Concert: Music of Conrad Schnitzler performed by Gen Ken
Sean Julian
Tommy Birchett

Tape Release show for Champagne Sequins, 9/30/17
Solo electronics & text
Peter Seligman
Champagne Sequins

Celebrating life and music in nature, 8/26/17
Solo electronics, amplified motors/fans, & solenoids
Lightbath (Bryan Noll / fourhexagons)
tehn (Brian Crabtree / monome)
Emily A. Sprague (Florist)
Eternal Function (Gen Ken Montgomery +
David B. Greenberg)
Sean Julian

Issue Project Room, 5/11/17
Performing live sound for theater in Ka Baird's: ESPYLACOPA (A REVERSAL IN THREE ACTS) with Muyassar Kurdi, Camilla Padgitt Coles, Thistle Jemison and Sandy Gordon.

Detective Squad, 4/29/17 
Duo with Nick Podgurski