Vulnerability and Growth

My work as an artist brings embodied practices to explore my relationship to my body, identity, and self-actualization. Primarily, I use electronics as a platform to exist in the present; to listen to my surroundings, feel the ground beneath my feet, and share that listening space back with people. My Chamoru ancestry is the foundation through which I approach these spaces naturally. I want to create spaces through live performance, workshops, and community programs where people can be immersed into their bodies, inviting whatever feelings may emerge in them. The outputs are a continuum of this process to invite people to be present with your self and explore personal vulnerability.

Moers Festival 52, May 2023

"Chamorro Spacetime 2109" - Cassette release by Topos Bookstore, July 2022

2109 Chamorro Spacetime is a recording from the future where Guåhan (presently referred to as Guam) is an independent, self-deterministic nation. In 2109, the Chamorros went deeper in their roots as master ocean navigators and conducted deep sea expeditions in the Mariana Trench. In this extreme environment, they made contact with organisms that take shelter in hydrothermal vents. Through this meaningful contact, the Chamorros are developing new ways to communicate not only with deep-sea organisms but also to other nations throughout time. Encoded within this recording and many other futuristic recordings is the consistent message: fight for one's independence and decolonization.

Ende Tymes XI Noise Festival, 2021

Issue Project Room: With Women’s Work, 2021

Vulnerability and Growth is an erotic short film that explores the textures and mutable forms of my body. The film documents a breathwork practice that I use to connect to my body and its sensations. The hope of these practices lead to a newer version of self that embraces both the beautiful and painful aspects.

The piece responds to the Media Sculptures: Maps of Space scores by pioneering video artist Mary Lucier included in Womens Work Volume #1, 1975.

Roulette Artist-in-Residence, 2020 - 2021

Chamorro Spiritual Futures

Crystal Peñalosa: Chamorro Spiritual Futures from Roulette Intermedium on Vimeo.

Survived through colonialism and war, the Chamorro family structure offers a way to love and care for each other in times of collective need. In a magical realist setting, utilizing electronics, notes, interviews, and field recordings, resident artist Crystal Peñalosa explores her Chamorro ancestry as a basis for future independence and self-actualization.

Breath Cycles

Crystal Penalosa: Breath Cycles from Roulette Intermedium on Vimeo.

As part of her Roulette residency, interdisciplinary artist Crystal Penalosa presents Breath Cycles. This evening-length durational performance will engage audience members from the safety of their homes to participate in a mindfulness practice called breathwork. This practice can be helpful in lowering blood pressure, tension and physical pain, as well as provide psychological benefits such as dealing with anxiety, stress, and trauma.

Vulnerability and Growth, Part 1, 2019

vulnerability and growth part 1 from Crystal Penalosa on Vimeo.

Queer Trash Symposium, 2018

Queer Trash Symposium: Crystal Penalosa - September 22nd, 2018 from ISSUE Project Room on Vimeo.

Suzanne Fiol 2018 Curatorial Fellows Queer Trash present Queer Trash: the Symposium, featuring Justin Allen, Derek Baron, Lorene Bouboushian, Ivoire Foreman, Sarah Hennies, Crystal Peñalosa, and Claire Rousay. An auspicious meeting of some very bright and very queer minds, the evening showcases the myriad ways that queers make sound, make sound queer, or skim around terms that may attempt to contain queer life.

WT4T Tour Across the U.S., 2018

Solo voice and electronics in Little Rock, AR 

Events List

5/19 VAMP Vintage Oakland, CA
5/25 Etiquette Santa Fe, NM
5/31 House Show Little Rock, AR
6/2 House Show Asheville, NC
6/5 Art Rat Studios  Roanoke, VA
6/6 Bridge Progressive Arts Charlottesville, VA
6/7 Black Iris Richmond, VA

Music for Theater & Dance, 2017

In early 2017, Ka Baird asked me to collaborate on an ambitious project she had in mind for Issue Project Room that “incorporate(d) performance art, movement, some pageantry...” (Ka’s words). I embraced the complexity and performative elements of the piece; it was unlike much of the sound work I have done up to this point. Much of my contribution revolved around processing Ka’s piano work in the active space of 22 Boerum at Issue Project Room. To do this, I used a series of delay & reverb networks, narrow EQ’ing, a granular processor, and a vocoder for good measure. The result for Ka & I was a chattery dialog with her vibrant piano work and my real-time based work with electronics. 

Photo: Issue Project Room

The patch